Azalak Location




This bug looks menacing 


  • Area:
    • Southwest of the Eltibule portal to the north of the town. 


  • Neutral
    • The Spies: Kill the 2 Psychic Mantis inside Serbule
    • The Nature of Mantis Love: Gather 10 Venison
  • Comfortable
    • Wooing Zeratak: Talk to Zeratak about using Venison for the larva.
    • Dinner For Zeratak: Obtain Venison Psi-Mantis Style.
    • Brains for Drugs: Obtain Intact Brains.


  • Loves Headgear
  • Likes Gems
  • Likes Flowers
  • Likes Books

Hang OutEdit

  • Sit Quietly and Ambush Small Game- 4 hours
    • 25 favor

Sells: Edit

Item Price
Cranium Powder 90
Pure Cranium Powder 150
Enhanced Cranium Powder (favor level close friends) 750
Pineal Juice 180
Pure Pineal Juice 300
Enhanced Pineal Juice (favor level close friends) 1200
Myconian Primer 5
Lucky Belt of The Defiler 180
Lucky Belt of The Vile General 180
  • Comfortable
    • Cranium Powder- 45 gold
    • Pineal Juice- 90 gold


  • Recipe: Cranium Powder- 450 gold, 5 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Pure Cranium Powder- 1450 gold, 15 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Enhanced Cranium Powder- 2450 gold, 25 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Pineal Juice- 700 gold, 10 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Pure Pineal Juice- 1700 gold, 20 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Enhanced Pineal Juice- 2700 gold, 30 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Faux Pineal Juice- 6950 gold, 45 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Weak Acidic Cleanser- 2450 gold, 25 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Potent Acidic Cleanser- 2700 gold, 30 Alchemy
  • Recipe: Venison Psi-Mantis Style- 450 gold, 5 Cooking
  • Lemon Chiffon Dye 250 gold


  • The NPC has an enemy model but does not attack you.
  • It seems that this NPC may be used for

"two more combat skills and four more non-combat skills that are partially done… including huge ones like pet ltaming and armor crafting! I intend to get those finished up in the coming weeks. I’ll also be fleshing out the rest of the NPCs so they have Favor quests, and  adding more things to do on the landscape and in the dungeons. There are a bunch of new monsters waiting in the wings from the LoE team, and handy new skills like teleportation."

Taken from Elder Game blog.