When you first awoke in a cave, an elf named Riger greeted you. He seemed depressed, and asked for something to cure his depression. Unfortunately, he wasn't clear about what that might be.

Quest giver:Edit


  • None


  1. Cheer Up Riger


Speak to Riger in the cave after your inital character creation. Follow the cave path until it splits. Take the path on the right into the room with the tinkling bells. There is an Alchemy Book on the floor which can be read and teaches you the recipe for Pick-Me-Up Juice. After collecting the matierals necessary, craft Pick-Me-Up Juice. Return the juice to Riger and he will cheer up and allow you to read his book (which teaches the Psychology Skill).


  1. 100 Alchemy XP
  2. Access to the Psychology Textbook