Description: Edit

Kill 10 deer and return to Marna.Edit

Quest giver:Edit


  1. Kill 10 deer
  2. Talk to Marna


Deer can be found in the forest area above Serbule and out just the city. If you approach them they will turn and run away from you unless you are a Cow, Deer or Pig, so using Fire Magic or Psychology is the best course of action. Finding 10 should be relatively easy and you should then proceed to Marna for your reward.


  1. 5 Simple First Aid Kits or 5 Simple Armor Patch Kits 
  2. 100 XP in Armor Patching or 100 XP in First Aid


  • Deer run away when your character gets close to them.
  • This quest can be repeated as many times as you want. Simply talk to Marna again after you have completed the quest and she will offer it to you again.