Psychology is a Combat Skill that is described in game as "Understanding the mind of sentient creatures. Also, using that knowledge in combat and other stressful situations."


Players can learn Psychology by completing the quest Cheering Up Riger in the Tutorial Cave, or by buying a book in Eltibule.

Psychology is a useful secondary combat skill, but the energy cost of its abilities really limits its use as a primary combat skill. Because Psychology requires no special equipment to use all of its attacks are available while in Animal Forms.

The Psychoanalyze is especially useful while in groups as the odds of having someone available to take advantage of an enemy's weakness is much higher the more people are around.


Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 1: Psychoanalyze 1
  • Level 3: Tell Me About Your Mother 1
  • Level 5: Strike a Nerve 1
  • Level 7: Cause Terror 1
  • Level 10: Pep Talk 1
  • Level 15: Fast Talk 1
  • Level 16: Psychoanalyze 2
  • Level 20: Tell Me About Your Mother 2
  • Level 25: Strike a Nerve 2
  • Level 30: Cause Terror 2
  • Level 35: Pep Talk 2
  • Level 38: Strike a Nerve 3
  • Level 40: Tell Me About Your Mother 3
  • Level 45: Pep Talk 3
  • Level 50: Strike a Nerve 3