Quests come in two main lines:

Do FavorsEdit

Do Favor quests are given by NPCs throughout the game and are most recognizable from any RPG or MMO style game. Common themes include: kill X amount of enemies, collect X amount of items, craft X amount of items, or go talk to/meet random named NPC.

Typically players are rewarded with one or more of the following:

  • Experience in a craft/skill the NPC is attuned to
  • An Item of random value and/or usefulness
  • A few Councils to aid you in your adventure

Work OrdersEdit

Work Orders quests can be found on various Work Order boards or sold by NPCs. Work orders typically require the player to craft or collect items and give it to a named NPC (example: Fitz "the Boatman") to collect a reward of Councils and Industry XP.

Go to the Quest List page for info on individual quests.

Player QuestsEdit

You can also find player "Work Orders" in at the message board in Serbule. This is were players can place a request for items with a specified monetary reward. (example: Rat Tails x 10 for 500 Councils)