The Un-cow-ification quest log


Harry says he'll give you some of his precious antidote. But you'll have to pay him handsomely for it!

Quest giver:Edit




Unlock the Graze skill by reaching level 5 in Cow. You will be able to get grass every 50 seconds. Other ways of getting grass are collecting them from haystacks (the fastest way but they're in the 2nd zone Eltibule) or killing weak animals like Pigs and Sickly Wolves who sometimes drop it but grazing is a more reliable way to get a hold of grass.

You have three ways of getting milk:Edit

1) Milk cows in Serbule before getting cursed. You'll need one empty bottle each which you can get by buying bottles of water from Theresa near the windmill in Serbule. Player cows can't milk other cows, so getting cursed obviously locks this off.

2) Ask non-cow players for milk. This is probably the typical option for most players. Asking may take a few tries, depending on how much trouble Beast Speech gives you. Other players can milk the NPC cows wandering around but they'll probably milk you. I mean, you're right there. It's polite to at least supply them with bottles, buy them from Theresa near the windmill in Serbule.

3) Milk yourself. At level 23, you gain the Collect Milk ability, and can fill an empty bottle with your own milk. This is definitely the slowest option of the three and not often taken. If you're willing to go through 23 levels as a cow, number 3 is your choice.

There's plenty of Parasol Mushrooms in the Tutorial Cave and in the woods, they are particularly common just outside the Tutorial Cave.

  • Talk to Harry

Ditch the curse and get back to normal.


  • A transformation back into your humanform.


  • Watch the warning screens in the future!