Unarmed is a Combat Skill that is described in game as "Mastery of the martial arts. Not especially damaging, but very energy-efficient. Specializes in controlling and stunning enemies. Generally requires one or both hands to be empty, although you can often use kicks even with other items wielded."

All players start with this skill.


Most of the attacks in unarmed require that you do not have anything equipped in your main hand and some like Hip Throw require that you have nothing equipped in either hand. Kick is the exception and can be used regardless of what is equipped in your hands and can even be used in many Animal Forms.


Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 1: Kick
  • Level 3: Barrage
  • Level 5: Cobra Strike
  • Level 7: Hip Throw
  • Level 10: Punch 2
  • Level 13: Kick 2
  • Level 15: Barrage 2
  • Level 20: Cobra Strike 2
  • Level 25: Hip Throw 2
  • Level 30: Punch 3
  • Level 35: Kick 3
  • Level 40: Barrage 3
  • Level 45: Cobra Strike 3
  • Level 50: Hip Throw 3

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