"A frazzled elf selling all sorts of junk"

Yetta is a general item vendor who sells many useful things and will buy many things for their full value. Because of her proximity to the Goblin Dungeon she will also often have many items that drop from creatures in that dungeon. When reaching the favor level "friends" Yetta will sell items for you for a mark-up fee of 10%, listing an item costs 100 gold and will not be refundable if the item does not sell. A maximum of 2 items can be listed at once with a cap of 4 items sold per week.


  • Zone:
  • Area:
    • Castle - The tent to the left of the entrance.


  • ​N/A




  • Loves amulets
  • Loves Lapis Lazuli
  • Loves Mushrooms


  • Currently none

Favor tasks:Edit

  • N/A

Hang Out:

  • Taste test new alchemical concoctions
    • 10 favor
    • 100 alchemy xp
    • 1 bottle of water
  • Help clean spider legs for potions
    • 25 favor
    • 3 Power Potions


Item Price
Salt 30
Flour 30
Weak Power Regen Potion 200
Deer Juice 100
Un-Deer Juice 3000
Fighting with Psychology 1000
Cooking: Sweet Butter 15
Squash Seedling 13
Broccoli Seedling 15
Carrot Seedling 18
Bottle of Fertilizer 30
Simple Nails 5
Strong Nails 20
Alchemy: So You Want To Be An Alchemist 50
Alchemy: Ignite The Fire In Your Legs! 100
Alchemy: Weak Poison For Knives 100

Buy Price:Edit

100-250 depending on favor level.